Our Story

Live a totally bon life Love is in the air at totally bon every single day.

In search of the good things in life and new experi-scents, our brand is dedicated to offering different fragrance options for you to choose from.

All of our products are blessed with a love affirmation when made which we pass on to you. the L O V E candles await.

Our approach is simple, a minimal design with a maximum experience. we hope you embrace the adventure, wherever it may take you.

It’s time to find the beauty of nirvana and make your life spectacular.

Keep calm + candle on.

Living the life you love
Totally bon is an independent business based in Melbourne.

The good journey began in 2012 when our owner stevie was adventuring overseas and he wanted to embrace change in his life.

He began asking himself "what is it that I want to create and share with the world?" the answers came and over time ideas began to grow - he decided to celebrate the things in life that made him happy… home, travel + spirituality. oh yeah, and feeling the love everyday.

After years of product development & adventures overseas, our online world is here for you to enjoy. we hope you love our products as much stevie does creating them for you.

Life goes by so quickly so why not enjoy the ride? colour your life with happiness and joy always.