About Our Directory Hub

B2B Hub is a directory platform dedicated to connecting Australian businesses by bringing together retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

In 2020, the E-commerce industry experienced tremendous growth of over 80%, that’s roughly 5.2 million Australian households shopping online amid the COVID pandemic.

During this time, retailers experienced product shortages caused by supply issues and lack of availability on imported goods due to sudden increased demands.

We, as individuals came to realise how much we and (our nation) actually rely on other countries for everyday items such as clothing, household goods, and even food.

Of course, not everything is available here or perhaps manufacturing overseas  is the cheaper option.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least try to source what we can here first before jumping ship.

More than ever, Australian retailers are now looking to purchase and manufacture right here in Australia.

B2B Hub directory was developed to provide retailers with a platform where they can easily find Australian wholesalers, makers, and manufacturers for their businesses, right here on our shores.

Our mission is to help support Australian businesses, making Aussie brands easily accessible by providing a platform where Australian based suppliers can be found in the one place so potential stockists won’t have to go searching the ends of the earth to find what they’re looking for. 

By joining B2B Hub directory platform, not only will you increase the chances of retailers finding your brand or wholesale business but you will also be supporting and contributing to the growth of our local economy.

Come join us so together we can fill Australian retail stores and consumer households with quality and uniquely amazing Australian brands and products.

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Connecting Retailers to Australian Wholesalers & Manufacturers