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B2B Hub aka Business to Business Hub.

We are an Australian wholesale & manufacturing supplier directory. We help promote Australian businesses by offering one simple platform where retailers can search and find their next Australian supplier. 

We accept business listings of wholesalers or manufacturing businesses located here in Australia.

We are currently not accepting any retail only businesses at this stage.

If you develop or custom make products or materials then you would create a manufacturing listing type.

On the other hand, if you are selling your already made products in bulk or large volumes to be stocked at retail stores, then you would create a wholesale business listing.

No problem, simply contact us with details of your product and industry so we can find or add a category suitable for your business.

At this stage we are not accepting retail only businesses. However, if you also offer wholesale as well as retail then, yes. Please feel free to register and submit your wholesale business.

We strive to approve submitted business listings within 72 hours. However, approval process may take longer in some cases e.g. if we require additional information for verification purposes. We will notify you via email once your submission has been approved.

In some cases businesses or brands will be denied approval due to not meeting platform requirements.

Some of these requirements include but not limited to:

  1. You must be an Australian based brand or business.
  2. You must wholesale, make or manufacture your products. Retail only are not accepted at this stage.
  3. You must have stated on your website and/or social that you provide wholesale.
  4. Your business must have a website in addition to social pages (Facebook and/or Instagram), and Google local business listing (if applicable) so we can verify that the business information provided is correct.

We have the rights to deny any business we feel do not meet our standards and/or requirements.

You can only make edits to your listing once it has been approved. Business listings that are still pending approval will not be editable.

If you are a Marketing or SEO agency, please get in touch with us directly to discuss adverting options for your clients.

We are not a link platform. We do not accept businesses solely for the purpose of link building and SEO benefits.

B2B Hub is a premium business directory for wholesalers, suppliers and brands. We provide supplier information such as their website, social pages, contact details and other business related information that can be accessed through our platform. 

Marketplace platforms conduct sales transactions but do not provide direct supplier information besides the business name.