Our Story

At Tattman we believe tattoos are important. Tattoos illustrate to the world one's 'life-story' and they are worth looking after. Tattoos openly display core beliefs and values, reveal loves, frustrations, fun and devotion. We believe your stories should be protected.

Protected tattoos retain colour and definition for years and rely on -

1.  A highly skilled and talented tattoo artist,

2.  A healthy lifestyle, and

3.  Effective tattoo aftercare.

Tattman's Premium Aftercare formulas effectively feed skin with a unique blend of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and micro-nutrients. These ingredients help to nourish, build and maintain healthy skin cells capable of displaying vibrant tattoos that  appear like the day they were inked.

Our Vision

1.  For every tattoo to remain bright and clearly defined for longer.

2.  Provide 100% natural, high quality plant-based tattoo aftercare.​

Our Goal

To one-by-one switch the tattoo community over to using the most natural tattoo aftercare possible (instead of chemical-based options).