Our Story

Hi There, I'm Dani and thank you for looking at Solstice+Stone.. I'm a Perth based crystal nerd with a passion for running small businesses, finding amazing stock, and providing killer customer service. Drawn to the crystal market for a long time, I felt I'd missed that boat and could see that market was saturated - instead I set about sourcing some beautiful products within that realm, and was delighted to discover Crystal Phone Grips/Phone Holders/Pop Sockets (I wish they had just one name!!) I bought a small stash, ran a single market and sold out. Solstice + Stone proved itself to be as popular as I knew it would and we were rocking and rolling in business!
Meaningful, beautiful, affordable and hard to walk away from... we know your customers will love out ethically sourced crystals as much as we do!

Each crystal comes individually wrapped in cellophane and includes a White Light Cleansing Affirmation.

''We are Solstice + Stone, Australia's home of ethically sourced crystals, revolutionalized into stunning phone grips. Our small but stunning, hand picked collections allow you to harness the power of crystals every day, and everywhere you go. The fact that they're jaw droppingly gorgeous too, well that's just the icing on the cake baby!''

Dani Yates
Founder of Solstice + Stone