Our Story

We are dedicated to producing plant-based, vegan products that are exfoliating, hydrating, cleansing AND have a solid attitude. We’re kind to animals, kind to your skin and damn passionate about the Earth and the Rebel within.

Colette is the heart, soul, passion and fire behind Sass + Co. Body. Equally inspired by a wickedly loud gig and the salty spray of the sea, she lives and loves the dichotomy of life and her brand reflects this. Colette believes that the rich contrasts that live within us are what make each of us unique and fascinating.

Our products are:
- Jam-packed with lush natural ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils, infused botanical extracts, rich hydrating butters and skin-protecting antioxidants.
- Designed to exfoliate, hydrate, soothe, heal and protect.
- Infused with an intoxicatingly earthy aromas.
- Made in Australia with vegan ingredients.
- Free from petrochemicals, palm oil, nanoparticles and microbeads.
- Tested only on the most vibrant of humans.
- Packaged recyclable containers.
- Sealed with rad packaging and an anchor badge of attitude.