Our Story

Pro·m·emo, Process My Emotions Essences ~ are drop dose essences to support you to process your emotions, when experiencing emotional disturbances either mild or severe. The pro·m·emo essence range may assist with mood, as well as processing feelings such as fear, love, sadness, grief, melancholy, emotional stress, terror, worry, loneliness, manic excitement or any emotion. The essences do not stop you from feeling your emotions, they rather assist you to let go and move on quickly and smoothly, so that you do not need to sit in an emotional state too long or feel out of balance due to any excessive emotions that may be interrupting the flow and harmony of your day. All disease has an emotional component and when any emotion become ‘stuck’ or stagnant in the body, they may manifest physically. The essences are truly preventative in this way, by processing your emotions and clearing them, you may restore flow and balance to your being.

Let’s take the emotion Anger, as an example. Anger presents in the body as a feeling of rage and has the correlating physical symptoms of red face, distended arteries and blood vessels, a raised voice, red eyes and rapid breathing. In this example, pro·m·emo allows the anger to be processed energetically via the meridian system and five element theory based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, therefore assisting in avoiding the expression of associated physical symptoms.

Your health is maintained because your body is not subjected to the emotional extremes that people can feel, and life becomes a journey of calmness and inner peace, where emotions are felt, processed immediately, naturally and with no effort. The benefits of living an emotionally free and non-reactive life are too vast to list. pro·m·emo can support your emotional health and wellness.