Our Story

How did POP Gifting get started?
In December 2018, my parents were both diagnosed with cancer 3 days apart – they did everything together. Naturally this really hit me hard in the feels. It also lit a fire under me to follow my dream of opening a business for myself. Life REALLY is short. And so POP Gifting was born.

Devastatingly my wonderful Dad passed away in December 2019. However I’m super lucky and so grateful my mum made it out happy and healthy and is here to cuddle and talk to.

Affectionately known as Pop’s this business is a tribute to my Dad and all he taught me.  Dad had a passion for nature and was an insanely talented gardener. Dad loved to watch not just plants but people grow. He helped countless people, especially our friends and family become better versions of themselves and just genuinely wished for everyone he loved to succeed and be the best version of themselves.

He had a belief in me that keeps me motivated to succeed Every. Single. Day. I love that he was able to see this business kick off and know that there’s a piece of him in every part of what POP Gifting does. ​​

What do we do?
Planning and hosting many events and functions over the years for family and friends, I quickly grew frustrated searching for quality, locally produced and affordable products that both make fantastic gifts and useful favours for functions and events (admit it, how many bonbonierres have you actually kept?).

At POP Gifting, we hand make premium Soy Wax Candles, Mineral Bath Salts, Goats Milk Soaps and Reed Diffusers. Our products are sold as individual items, gift packs, event favours and even wholesale ranges.

We pride ourselves on quality results and use top shelf supplies to ensure that you’ll always receive the absolute best. Basically if we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it.

Personalisation is a major part of why we started our business. So if you have something specific in mind, get in touch with us today to discuss options and ideas.

How we give back
POP Gifting will always have an emotional link to Dad’s memory. To encapsulate everything he was about, we have set up a relationship with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to help us give back.

Specially marked items see profits donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation to help them continue the wonderful work they already do supporting men with their diagnosis and treatment as well as supporting their family, friends and support people through the journey.

We know first hand that this money is being put to good use and will help men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer to receive the best care and feel supported and looked after through their journey not matter how long or short it may be.