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About Miss Lilly

I’m Lilly Edmunds – the Lilly behind Miss Lilly Apparel.

I didn’t start out as a fashion designer – instead I began my career as a floral designer. I worked with flowers and the colours, textures and patterns of nature to create works, which helped people express how they felt in times of joy and love and sadness.

After my two kids arrived I started designing fabrics and products for children– and as they grew, so did the range. Designing a new range often meant a chance to sit down to draw and colour with the kids and not surprisingly, nature continued to be an inspiration

By 2015 I began to dip my toe into the world of fashion. As a lover of clothes, shoes, shopping, accessories and all things girly, creating the Miss Lilly Apparel range just felt like the perfect fit. And I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve – to create clothes inspired by nature that made women feel fabulous.

When women are feeling good in their own skin they also feel empowered. It’s fantastic for me to see our clients start to ‘strut their stuff’ when wearing our clothes – they are enjoying how they look and expressing how they feel. That’s when I’m happy, that’s when I’ve done my job.

Minimum Order Amount

$200 – $300

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