Our Story

Mermaid Cove Organics is a Sydney-based skincare brand founded in 2017 by Sara Senn. The Collection is made with fresh, high quality botanicals, oils & clays + designed to help you truly connect with your skin. We're an artisanal skincare brand made in micro-batches with high-quality raw ingredients. Our entire collection is made by founder Sara right here in Sydney in our private studio. Made fresh weekly, our products are bursting with vitamins + nutrients when they reach you and never sit on the shelf for too long.

The entire collection was formulated with care, love + a passion for creating skincare that is both, functional + sustainable. Founder Sara believes that skincare has the ability to help you connect with your body & mind. The textures, scents and consistency all offer a sensory experience that help practice mindfulness. The aim of all Mermaid Cove Organics products is to not only nourish your skin, but to also make your skincare ritual a daily opportunity to connect deeply with yourself.

Mermaid Cove Organics has been featured in Timout Sydney, Peppermint Magazine, EcoBuy and has been part of local events + markets, such as The Finders Keepers, Sydney Vegan Market and others.