Our Story

Hi there and welcome!  I’m Mel, the creative dreamer behind the “Inspired Botanicals''name.
I live near Wilsons Prom with my builder husband and our two boys. You can find me most days creating floral organic sage smudge sticks or unique terrariums and blending organic herbal teas by hand in my creative “soul space” studio.

We are originally from Manly in Sydney and I come from a family of crafters, designers and makers. Always loving nature and being by the ocean, our family decided to leave the busy city life behind and move to Wilson’s Prom, where we adored visiting family and friends. Since this move 5 years ago, we have never looked back! We love where we live in this part of the Gippsland region.

While in Sydney, I had a successful small business creating terrariums using cacti, succulents and indoor plants. Since moving to the lovely Wilson’s Prom, I have been experimenting with what I can grow down here, and now also love to grow indoor plants, wildflowers, succulents and blend herbal teas. We grow many herbs and vegetables in our garden.
With our love of being near the ocean, my terrariums are inspired by these surroundings and include special shells, crystals and air plants. I have also loved learning how to dry flowers and source local products or gifts from my garden to make small dried wildflower posies and Australian native smudge sticks.

When I blend my herbal teas, I use local and organic suppliers, as we want to be sipping the most natural blends possible. My friends and family have certainly loved being my guinea pigs and sampling my organic tea blends this year!

Since my husband is a builder, and specializes in hardwood timber designs he is often coming up with recycled or repurposed timber creations for our home. Josh and I have been together since we were young and he is very supportive, always thinking of things I could reuse!

As a family, we love to take off hiking around the national park here, we love the salty sea air and to be near the ocean. One of the reasons I love to get into my studio is for self care, and to also encourage others to take time out to enjoy greenery in their homes, drink tea and burn a smudge stick, which is a little ritual I do to clear my home & studio and refocus my intentions. I feel like our generation is losing touch with being crafty and making items with our hands, and I’d encourage anyone I can to return to these simple ways that can help us be mindful, connected and present.

As this has now grown and turned into a business, I am so excited to bring natural and organic products directly to my customers via my online shop. Everything I make rings true to me and I have so many more ideas for down the track. We grow as much as we can from seedlings and propagation, so we intend to extend our garden to keep growing more seeds in a self-sufficient and eco friendly manner, as well as adding a big greenhouse for seed raising all year round. In 2020, I have also been able to take up an interest I have longed to begin, painting watercolours of the botanicals I create.

If you would like to contact me to stock any of my items in your local store or business, please reach out and say “hello”.  As a customer, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

For now I’d like to welcome you once again and hope that you enjoy my inspired botanicals and seeing what I do here on my website.

Don’t forget to get back to nature and be inspired.

Mel xx