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About Hamptons Home

The inspiration for Hamptons Home was born out of a glossy magazine spread that featured the casual sophistication of seaside homes in Hamptons, New York.

Hamptons Home is the quintessential source for quality Hamptons-inspired pieces in Australia. Individually, beautifully crafted coastal chic furniture and houseware are at home in most style genres and periods.

Together, they create a space that exudes understated grandeur and luxury but with clean, modern lines.


Upper-crust, traditional elegance imbued in homey, casual pieces is the hallmark of the Hamptons look. It is the look of contemporary casual luxury married with classic coastal style decorating.

Classic contemporary design, a dominant element in the Hamptons fashion, adapts superbly to a variety of interior styles. For this reason, styling the Hamptons way will always reflect refined taste and never outdate itself.

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