Our Story

Bare + Free was founded by the beautiful Marianne Goldman in 2018 and shares her story of how she started the business:

"Bare + Free (the concept) was born way back in April 2018 on a visit to one of our favourite holiday destinations - Queenstown, NZ! I read an article about the health complications of antiperspirants and the risks of Alzheimers and breast cancer, being a mother of two girls, this did not sit well with me. I always try to choose the natural alternative to a lot of products but deodorant never entered my mind until then. It was at this point that all my supermarket brand deodorants were tossed in the bin and I went cold turkey into armpit detox (lucky it was cold!).

After returning home and trying a couple of different brands plus trying to convince the 14 & 17 year old to go natural, we hit a bit of a brick wall. Miss 17 was a little keen to give it ago but Miss 14 was not interested and the one product I had narrowed my search down to was received with a "I am not putting that on my skin!" (savage hey!). Having previously owned a bath and body business, I used my experience and knowledge in raw materials to create a quick and easy batch to try, add a few of my favourite oils and all of a sudden my daughters were throwing their deodorants away - WINNING!

Fast forward to June 2019, our formula has been fine tuned by a leading Australian cosmetic manufacturer to give Bare + Free the quality finish we all desire. Add to it, our luxe tropical and convenient packaging, this deodorant is one that everyone of all ages (especially those teenagers!) will want to use - mission complete!"