Our Story

Here at Cel, we’re all about optimizing science with nature, without compromising
quality, or the planet. When it comes to hair care, we believe it’s possible to source
naturally, utilize advances in technology, and achieve the exceptional.

Cel was founded

When founders Christopher Masanto and Jack Nicoll, recognized the limitations within traditional hair care products, and that competitor brands weren’t marrying science with nature, they decided to create Cel - High-Performance, Natural Hair Care, Developed With Science

Collaboration with a team of professionals began, to form our incredible Board of Experts
With a team of regenerative medicine scientists and some of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers, we’ve developed a collection of the most innovative hair care products on the market that aim to improve and promote the quality, vitality, and longevity of hair.

Cel created personalized Haircare Systems & a new Sustainable Strategy was born

Throughout 2020, our community inspired us to create personalized hair care solutions to ensure that everyone’s hair goals and needs are fulfilled. Created by a team of hair care professionals, our systems are designed to enhance both your scalp and hair health. Made up of only scientifically-proven formulas, every product is enriched with premium ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals and other environmentally damaging components. Here at Cel, we’re committed to bridging the gap between luxury hair care and sustainability.


Truganina Victoria, Australia