Our Story

Welcome to Wolf and Clay. I am Johanna, the artist behind the brand. Wolf and Clay is so named for two reasons. One, because of my love for my wonderful dog, Kamali, who looks very much like a wolf and enjoys howling like one. The second is obvious, nothing emphasising my love of natural products more than creating something beautiful out of common elements like earth and water.
My love for clay began a long time ago in school. When I was a little girl, I would spend art class sculpting many different types of clay penguins. As an animal and nature lover, they were the simplest shape my young, clumsy fingers could create with any satisfaction. I’m sure my family grew sick of having so many figurines on display, but they were my pride and joy.

Now I am older, my passion has expanded to include sustainable and ecological living – giving back to nature more than I take. On a small plot of land near Agnes Water, my husband and I are cultivating a self-sustainable food crop to remove ourselves from the consumer chain, providing enough for ourselves and our chooks, horses, and dogs. In our tiny home, we live purely off our own water tanks and solar energy, lessening the strain on the community shares and granting us peace in our simple, nonintrusive lifestyle.

When I am working with clay, my appreciation for the quiet is always present. I can lose myself in a world of my own making, where time is meaningless, and the attention I pour into each piece has no restriction. I love experimenting with my various glazes and assortment of clays and feel both proud and humbled when I see people enjoying them as much as I did crafting them.
Clay is so versatile, there is so much it can do and so much to explore – the only limit is our imagination. I never stop learning, and that is the best part. Each time the kiln is opened, it is like opening a treasure box, seeing the results of a new idea or a change in style.
My journey has just begun, and I will continue to grow, but this is what I have accomplished so far. Perhaps you will find something you like. Perhaps you will be inspired. I can only thank you for taking the time to look through my store and wish you happiness in your day.


Mount Tom Queensland, Australia