Our Story

A couple of years ago we weren’t satisfied with the constant panda eyes left over from cleansers promising to remove our makeup. Makeup up wipes? Pollution and irritation. Oil? Too hard to get off. Micellar water? Again, the problem with pollution of using cotton wipes. We tried the sustainable removers and thought what a great concept but surely, they could be more effective at removing makeup. That’s how we set on out to create Whipd.

The goal was to create an improved version of the sustainable makeup remover. Our requirements?

It had to remove make up properly
No irritation
No staining

After a year of research, we found the exact fabric that ticked all our boxes but, little did we realize it would be the answer to all our makeup removing problems. You can use it alone with water and completely replaces the makeup wipe. It can be used in place of cotton pads with micellar. It can be used to remove the oil cleansers.

Cotton pads and wipes are super handy, but our planet needs us now more than ever to update and move our habits to sustainable ways. Whipd’s Makeup Removing Towels and Puffs replace 1000’s of disposable wipes and cotton rounds from entering landfill annually... per person!

When designing the packaging we wanted it to not only be beautiful but something that is not contradicting to what we are truly trying to resolve. Creating a sustainable product only to put it in a plastic sleeve is not what we are about.
Not only selecting recyclable packaging but also working together with FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) ensure our paper packaging is harvested from trees that are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally as they should be.
We are also in the process of introducing a recycling program to ensure we are doing every bit we can to reduce our environmental impact.
“At the end of the day we are all trying to do our bit. We are just two girls who wanted to take our makeup off properly, sustainably and we did it.”

Best Wishes,
Elma and Ellie