Our Story

Urban Sun was established in 2021, after mother and daughter duo from the Gold Coast spent the many lockdowns (thanks covid) researching and developing their premium brand of non toxic, aesthetically pleasing, cruelty free, pure and organic essential oils.

Essential oils have so many benefits, from improving the ambience and mood of your home (and everyone in it) to the many health benefits such as, improving air quality, immunity, anxiousness, concentration and providing a relaxing and calming environment.

A big part of the Urban Sun brand is our aesthetics. We didn't want our oils to be hidden in draws and cupboards (and often forgotten about), but to be left out on display and to blend in with every home and office decor, which is why we are happy to collaborate with stores and salons to be able to match your branding and aesthetics.

We want to inspire everyone to add essential oils to their everyday life, from swapping toxic perfume for our non toxic rollers to refreshing your home with non toxic room sprays and then reaching for your chosen essential oil for the many different health and well being benefits.

We are an Australian brand of affordable, non toxic, cruelty free, pure and organic essential oils and we would love to add you to our Urban Sun family.

* FREE TESTERS ON ALL ORDERS OVER $500 (usually $700)