Our Story

Toosh Coosh Enterprises was founded in 2009 and is a proudly Australian owned small business. We are committed to providing practical solutions to assist the needs of children including our new product the Toosh Coosh Kids’ Support Seat.

The founder, Jo Turner has a vision to create a reputable company that lives up to its foundation values of quality, simplicity, commitment to community, and sustainability.  She is passionate about the brand and what it represents, one that can be trusted and one that delivers on its promises.

We want to ensure customers perceive value based on their experiences with Toosh Coosh so your feedback is very important to us. Our business partnerships inlcude Wesley Packaging Services who provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities and we are proud to have their assistance with the distribution of Toosh Coosh Kids’ Support Seats.

Our core product, the wonderful ‘Toosh Coosh’ is a kids support seat and is protected under a Design Registration with IP Australia and the logo is a registered trademark in many countries.


Jo Turner is the founding force and brain behind Toosh Coosh Enterprises. After many years in the corporate world, Jo decided to embark on the Toosh Coosh journey. Her mission is to provide practical solutions that assist the needs of children.

It all started with the original Toosh Coosh – Kids Support Seat when she was not able to find a suitable product available in the market. The concept was born out of pure frustration when her children could not sit at the table correctly to eat their dinner without making a big mess. She found many parents have the same problem and resort to using makeshift solutions  like pillows and cushions that really don’t work.

With the help of her son, Jo set about designing a product to solve the problem. They wanted something simple, portable and that could also be used in café’s and restaurants. It also had to be stylish and appeal to older children – booster seats are for babies!