Our Story

The Queen of Quartz offers a range of crowns, headpieces and jewelry made from Quartz and other gemstones. We also stock beautiful homewares including gemstone feature pieces and diffusers.


I am a creative. I love seeing new designs come to life. I am the Owner and  Creative Director at The Queen of Quartz which specialises in handcrafted crowns and headpieces made from quartz crystals and other assorted gemstones.

I am passionate about empowering women to feel good about themselves, so that they feel powerful, beautiful and capable to take on any challenge.

I have always been obsessed with crystals. I fondly remember regularly going to the local markets as a child, and every time I would ask mum to buy me crystals. Most of the time it was the pretty, shiny ones that drew me in- Peacock Ore, Hematite, Pyrite... as a child, I didn’t understand why I was so attracted to them, but I could definitely feel their power and energy.

My love for crystals grew as I grew, frequenting 'hippie shops' as a teenager, picking up more rocks. In my late 20's I had the opportunity to work at a local crystal shop as a reader on weekends. That was when it became more serious. Each weekend between readings I would explore the store and learn about the crystals in detail. I think I spent more than I made during that 14 month period, going home with 20+ crystals every week that I 'needed'.