Our Story

Hi, I’m Gemma - founder of The Nappy Society.

The idea for The Nappy Society came about whilst I was pregnant with my first baby, searching for the perfect baby bag. I found myself disappointed and uninspired by the selection of baby bags and motherhood accessories that were available on the market. I’d noticed that many modern Mums were using their designer totes as baby bags and I thought I’d cracked modern motherhood but soon realized the complete lack of functionality and practicality of searching around for tiny baby bits and pieces at the bottom of a large tote bag.

I felt there had to be a way for mother’s to get organized while being able to maintain their pre-baby style; and so the Original Baby Bag Insert was born. Designed to transform your favourite designer tote bag into a baby bag in the blink of an eye, our baby bag inserts are complete with all the pockets, zippers and compartments a Mum needs for any outing, day or night.

Since our humble beginnings, TNS has since expanded to include stylish, fashion forward and highly functional lifestyle accessories such as Wet Wipes Pouches, Stroller Clips, Tote Bags, Reusable Wet Bags & Pacifier Bags as well as Kids Lunch Bags & Backpacks.

Just like our Baby Bag Inserts, all TNS products are designed to keep you organized and prepared while feeling good about yourself.  I’ve learned, just like a high heel and a slick of lipstick, our motherhood accessories can help pull us together and make us feel like we’ve got this gig under control (well, almost).

There are so many things about becoming a Mum that are messy, unfashionable and often not functional. The Nappy Society is on a mission to inspire modern mammas to reclaim their personal style so they can feel confident and empowered in their day to day lives.

Make modern mum-life a little bit easier and a whole lot more stylish with The Nappy Society's must have motherhood, maternity and lifestyle accessories.