Our Story

The Curious Cabinet welcomes you into a world of antique recipes and curious delights. Unlock your curiosity and step inside.

Our products are proudly made in Geelong using 100% natural ingredients.

ELIXIRS AND MIXERS FOR SODA AND COCKTAILS  The Curious Cabinet Shrub Syrups bring to life flavours that will transform your drinks. Based recipes from the old world, these elixirs blend the sweetness of fruit with the kick of apple cider vinegar.

CURIOUSLY DELICIOUS PRESERVES We make an intriguing range of preserves using the fruit left over after making our syrups. This means we use as much of our beautiful ingredients as possible, with little waste.

All natural, hand-made granola that will delight your taste-buds. Serve with milk, yoghurt, fruit or eat on it’s own as a naturally delicious snack.