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About The Cat Shampoo Co.

Hello, and thank you for choosing The Cat Shampoo Co. for your cat’s grooming needs!

The Cat Shampoo Co. was created by myself (Ebony) and my partner Mark after we got Billy our Sphynx.

Being first-time Sphynx owners, we were thrown into the world of bathing and caring for his skin.

Frustrated that all pet shampoos were targeted at and created for dogs, then labeled “can be used on cats and other small animals” as an afterthought – we decided to create our own. Working closely with a skincare specialist we explained our vision and the importance of working with cat-safe ingredients, especially when it came down to essential oils.

After falling in love with the Sphynx breed we added Storm to our family a year after we got Billy. Storm is fascinated with, and loves, water so bath time using the Feline Exclusive Shampoo is always fun for her. Bucket, our senior short hair cat is also part of the family and loves being brushed with the Feline Exclusive Conditioning Mist every week.

We hope you and your fur family love The Cat Shampoo Co. products as much as our family does.

Many Purrs,

Ebony & Mark xx

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