Our Story


Hey fellow beer lover, it’s Paula here, owner and founder of The Beer Gauge.

So about me – I designed and patented The Beer Gauge back in 2009 and it has been Australia’s favourite stubby holder ever since.  Wait, that’s self-proclaimed, but anyway. 🤣

The problem it solved was well basically – “laziness” – which as a beer lover you would understand, goes hand in hand with sinking back a few coldies.  When your mate would get up to go to the fridge and ask “who needs a beer”, who has the energy to actually pull the bottle from the stubby holder to see if they are “Good”, “Right for Now” or ready for another – “While you’re up”

The Beer Gauge is the ultimate product for every beer drinker and also doubles as abit of entertainment as guaranteed when you are having a session with your mates, you will start to use the 3 sayings.  (well you were already using those 3 sayings der, that’s how I came up with them).

Now for the serious stuff, remember that time in 2020 when Covid hit? (I am sure if you think hard enough you will be able to remember the time that I mean).  I had to do abit of a pivot with my own online social media management business as I lost some big clients as the country shut down, so I decided to put my energy into building my brand, given that everyone was at home and now online shopping was the only way to shop.

Long story short, the brand exploded, people loved The Beer Gauge and I have since now expanded the range to include several other products to help you enjoy your beer.  One of those products being our now famous (yes self-proclaimed again, but we sold a shit ton of them, put it that way) “Will only remove for Beer” and “Will only remove for Wine” 3-layer washable face masks.  The collection will soon include “Will only remove for Coffee” and “Will only remove for Champagne” – and who knows what else we will add as the land or craziness continues and we grow to wearing silly masks as a natural part of life.