Our Story

Welcome to my little space on this site, my name is Amanda.

We are a boutique farm on the edge of the Yarra Valley, Victoria (Australia). I have always had a passion for animals, business, creating high quality and stunning products. After four years of mulling, oohing and ahhing over various ideas which just didn't fit with my lifestyle (and my other business i'm also currently running) I came up with the idea of Goat milk soaps, and then extended to other cold processed soaps, so Suave Soaps was born.

Part of our product range will be goat milk soaps, the milk will be from our own goats on the farm. I'm aiming for high butterfat content in our milk, more butterfat means higher the vitamin content in our soaps as well as containing a natural emollient which is all needed to feed our skin to keep it soft and supple. Having our own goats means we are able to use the milk in our soap in the freshest state possible while maintaining amazing quality. Goats milk soap's pH is one of the closest soaps to our own skins pH making it ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Please note: Our goats are cared for to the highest standards, they are very much loved members of our family.

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