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About Spotted Robin

The unique and stunning animals and birds that we have in Australia are the inspiration behind our creations and products at Spotted Robin.

Spotted Robin was launched in 2016 by partners Kerry Chatman and Jill Skromanis. Initially inspired by the quirky artwork of their two young pre-school daughters whilst living in London, Kerry and Jill had these fun designs printed onto t-shirts, tote bags and handkerchiefs; they started selling these at local markets in Melbourne upon their return to Australia.  Their early teen daughters still take great delight in wearing these, sharing with their friends and selling at local markets:)

Meantime, Jill’s mum Pamela Skromanis, was developing her passion for art and joined a University of the Third Age (U3A) art group.  With the aid of coaching, keen observation and sharing of ideas at various art groups, experimentation and self-learning, Pamela’s talents have evolved.  She first explored art using graphite pencils, and over time has developed her skill and passion for working with pastels, pencil, pen and watercolour.  Pamela now exhibits, wins prizes and sells art works in several exhibitions across Tasmania, her home state and magical home.

Having lived in Europe for ten years and coming home to the magic of the Australian nature and wildlife, Jill and Kerry could see potential in Jill’s mum’s artwork to create beautiful homewares and gifts.  They surprised Pamela one birthday by taking a design that Pam had shared with them and printing it onto a quality cotton/linen tea-towel.  Presenting this as a birthday gift Jill and Kerry were delighted with Pamela’s surprise, joy and willingness to come on the journey with them in starting-up and growing Spotted Robin.

Previously run as a part-time gig on top of busy work and family schedules, Jill has recently paused from the corporate world to focus on family and nurturing and growing Spotted Robin.  In her work, Jill values the principles of celebrating our diversity so that we can all contribute, be the best that we can be, and ultimately, belong.  We infuse these core principles in the way that we work with our local communities of to bring our products to life.

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