Our Story

Space 18 is an online lifestyle retailer, focusing on eco-friendly and thoughtful products that help people live a more peaceful and happier life.
Driven by the feeling that we experience at the spirited age of 18, a turning point in our lives that finds us eager to embark on something new and exciting. We are passionate about what we believe in and strive to make our world a better place for generations to come.

Our Values
Eco-Friendly - We not only focus on using materials that are recyclable, but on producing high quality products that are made to last.

Functionality - Our motivation is to offer practical and functional products that are designed to be used in everyday life.

Professionally Designed - Space 18 products are designed locally by our team of professionals in Sydney. This ensures we only create stylish and thoughtful products.

High Quality - With our wide network of manufacturers, we choose the right person to produce each design, ensuring the highest quality finished product every time.
The Space 18 Brand Story

Space 18 was launched in 2018. This was an exiting year as our hopes, dreams, and gratitudes were expressed in the birth of our new brand.

The name was chosen to represent two elements.

Space: The limitless expanse the relates to the Universe. Within each of us lies the power of our own small universe and infinite potential.

18: Being driven by the feeling that we experience at the spirited age of 18, a turning point in our lives that finds us eager to embark on something new and exciting.

“If you have a dream, protect it, defend it, live it, be it.”

Patty Cao, the founder of Space 18, has her own inspirational story to tell. When she landed in Australia in the early 1990’s, she had already set a goal for herself to live a quality life and to actively inspire people to live a better, more positive and fulfilling life.

The reality, however, does not always live up to the dream. Unfamiliar environments, language barriers and cultural differences all challenged her. But she never gave up, rising to the challenges and became even stronger. The influence of her grandmother when she was young has been key to her strong and positive nature. “Difficulty” does not exist in her grandmother’s vocabulary, and the same is so for Patty.

She started her business in Surry Hills, the beginning of a 20-year adventure with Clickpress Group. This career path saw her work as a printer, designer, saleswoman, international project manager, account director and business strategist. In the last few years, the original dream of helping people live better lives and inspiring people grew stronger. Growing up under the influence of both Chinese and Western cultures, Patty developed a fascination in multi-culturalism, giving her unique insights into aesthetics and life. The creation of Space 18 stems from a long-cherished wish to be a high-tech brand, yet stylish and environmentally friendly – to live, work and inspire a new life style. The creative team at Space 18 continue to grow Space 18 into strong and responsible brand. This is “Space 18”.