Our Story

Being a wine lover, and an eco-warrior since a young child (the wine came a long time after being a world warrior!) I am so excited to be able to provide people both inspiration and an avenue

to lead a single-use plastic free life.

Made from high quality, food grade silicone which is BPA free; these aren't just good for wine. Great for the kids to use outside for ice-cream, yoghurt or fruit. Perfect for individual desserts straight from the oven of temperatures up to 220 degrees celcius (Self saucing puddings do VERY well in these), as does a sneaky margarita mix in the summer.

Perfect for around the pool, picnics, barbecues, camping and caravanning, sporting events, music festivals. The list goes on. Fold them up and store them in your bag or glove box in the car so they're always on hand.


Melbourne VIC, Australia