Our Story

Inspiring and empowering our children to connect to nature and their emotional selves through the power of affirmations and mindful seed growing kits. Creating a space for mindful moments, connecting and sharing. Planting seeds in hearts and in the earth, growing love and enjoying the journey together.

As a mum of a young child, lover of nature and a big believer in the power of positive thoughts and daily affirmations my wish was to create an activity that would bring these two loves together. I wanted to create an activity where I could pass on the understanding of the benefits of affirmations and explore and  nurture the connection to nature.  An activity that the two of us could journey, share and enjoy together.  An activity that kids everywhere could participate in, in every sense from start to finish.  But also an activity that is gentle on our environment and brings about an awareness of self and connection to nature.

I believe that our children already hold an innate awareness and connection to nature so for me it was also about creating and holding a space where that connectedness could be nurtured, valued and continue evolving – a wonderful journey together!

A space where curiosity stirs.  A space that evokes wonder.  A space that evokes and nurtures the senses through mindful play.  A space where knowledge is shared. A space to develop an appreciation, connection and inner satisfaction from growing real foods.  A space where mindful moments and memories are created, held and shared.

So a space was created, a seed was planted and the journey of Seeds for Tomorrow began to grow.