Our Story

Launched in twenty-sixteen by two best friends who studied marketing together and had a creative flair to break up their day and do something they love. saide was created.

Both building our homes for the first time we had a very similar home style; minimal, scandi-monochrome. We loved styling our homes and needed a creative outlet from our full time jobs...we put two and two together; to make a soy candle brand and range to suit our very own homes!

After months of countless research, ideas, exploring and testing, we knew this was it. We had good vibes about what we came up with and soon enough the saide matte black range came to life - and it is still a best-seller till this day! The one thing that we always stuck with when we created our range was we wanted to reduce waste where possible, as it wasn't seen a great deal in the candle market. We wanted to do things differently and our jars and packaging to be re-useable, which is exactly what we did. Our glass jars and calico bags can all be re-purposed.

Before we knew it we were spending our weekends at small local handmade markets around Melbourne including Finders Keepers and Boho Luxe and we launched our online business and Instagram page. We started getting enquires to stock small boutiques and stores around Australia. I still remember the day we got our first wholesale order; and we just screamed when we got that email. Panicked slightly I'm not going to lie, but it was the best feeling to know that other people liked what we had created.

Five years later, we have grown to four ranges and our home style has shifted to a modern coastal-boho. Chilled, relaxed and warm. I personally love our ceramic range, it's unique, handmade, eco-friendly and can be reused as a tea or coffee cup!

We sell soy candles and diffusers with one goal: to improve the ambience and mood of your home with a touch of style and simplicity. Perfect to style with your home décor in your bedroom, loungeroom, bathroom and next dinner party. Who doesn't love lighting some candles in your home and they also make the perfect gift!

Every single soy candle sold by saide is individually hand poured by me in Melbourne using Australian soy wax and a selection of premium Australian made fragrances and essential oils. If you decide to purchase one of our ceramics (which I highly recommend) you will get a handcrafted ceramic made by our ceramicist Shireen who hand makes every single vessel out of her little studio in Bentleigh, VIC. This means that every candle is a unique expression of Melbourne community and culture coming together.

I am passionate not just to provide quality handmade products, but also aim to reduce the impact we have on the environment through our recyclable and re-usable packaging. 2021, we plan on going completely eco-friendly with our parcels which means no more bubble wrap!!

I hope you love our ranges as much we did creating and making them. My only ask is that if you haven't experienced a saide candle just try one. Even a small candle or sample tea light pack and let me know what you think. If you are part of the saide family thank you sooooo much for your support over the years and keeping our dreams alive, it means the absolute world and we mean it; particularly in these current times.

Hailey x