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About Ritology

As colleagues and friends, a Canadian and Australian bonded over their love of minimalism, the outdoors, wellness, travel, with a touch of wine and coffee.

Nerds at heart, Daegan & Renee became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting advice and clever marketing surrounding various personal care and beauty products.

We started investigating the quality of our products. Not only the ingredients, but what the packaging was made of, the intentions behind every part of the product, including the manufacturing and shipping processes.
We sought better options for both our body and the environment.

In doing so, we discovered some frightening statistics and significant gap in the market.

We became wildly driven by purpose.

Clever marketing ploys and consumerism were misleading us from doing better. We decided to create the products the way we like them; beautiful, functional, high quality & sustainable.

Two years later, along came Ritology.
Our purpose was and is to simplify your personal care rituals with quality products designed for minimalist, sustainable living.
Our mission is to be the world’s leading plastic free, design focused personal care brand. Together with the Ritology community, we are revolutionising an industry that has a devastating impact on our planet.

We believe small changes to your daily routine can make a huge impact on our planet and also our skin. Whether you’re purely looking for quality products stripped back to the essentials or a sustainable blogger, we create sophisticated products with your skin and our planet in mind at all times.

Our first product is a plastic free razor that facilitates a closer shave with less irritation and ingrown hairs than its alternative. The purpose behind our first launch is to eliminate the 2 billion disposable razors that go to landfill every year. Your actions matter and you can make a difference.

At our core, Ritology is committed to offering zero plastic, effective personal care solutions that fit seamlessly into ​our ​daily ​routines and travel itineraries.
We invite you to join us on this adventure. This is only the beginning.


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