Our Story

I am Gracee and this is my slow fashion boutique label, RHONNIE! The idea first came about on a beautiful tropical holiday overseas, whilst I was sitting by the pool. I always had a passion for fashion and wanted to create a label that looks the way you feel when you're relaxing by the pool, free from all daily stress and sun-kissed. I love bright colourful clothing and expressing myself through my own fashion style. I am a bold, outgoing person and I want to sprinkle every woman with the confidence to wear what she wants and to feel great in it. RHONNIE is all about creating clothing to be comfortable and easy wearing; shaping and fitting all different bodies. Every item is handmade, with love and commitment from the beautiful men and women in Indonesia. I have built a lovely relationship with my overseas friends and now it's become personal. We share photos of our families and I hope to be able to visit them again in the near future! Recently I branched into leather items and have managed to secure some gorgeous pieces, hand made and painted from 100% Goats and Cows leather.

RHONNIE is all about women following their inner warmth and what sets their soul on fire. So with that, I ask you to keep following your sun, and what makes you feel good