Our Story

Brand comes from Prauliena parish, located in North-central part of Latvia, a country in Northern Europe. It is surrounded by mesmerizing Nordic meadows and forests, and in the midst of all the scenery, PLŪKT tea house is based.

PLŪKT team believes, that one can grow big from any place in the world, as today their organic teas are exported to 14 countries around the Globe. By introducing the world with herbal teas from the meadows and forests of Northern Europe they proudly call themselves the pioneers of Nordic tea culture.
There are two amazing women standing behind PLŪKT company – Mother Daughter team Līga Lieplapa (on the right) and Māra Lieplapa (on the left). They established the company back in 2017, but it was no coincidence, as they both grew up with nature in mind.

Above all it is quality, sustainability and authenticity.

PLŪKT is a premium specialty Nordic tea brand.

Teas are hand-plucked, and the brand name PLŪKT is a word in Latvian which means Plucked in English. It is phonetically and by meaning similar to the same word in Dutch, Swedish and Danish. Also, when you take a tea bag and place it in a cup full of hot water, it makes little splash and a sound of “PLŪKT!”.