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About Our Joey

Our Joey fuses pure, sustainable textiles with fuss-free dressing …
The brainchild of Melbourne Mama Roo, Wendy, Our Joey is dedicated to conscientious parents wanting safe, quality items for their little joeys.

Blessed with daughters, Emilia & Adelyn, only fifteen months apart, Wendy quickly learned that many kids clothes, available today, are not designed for ease, comfort, or longevity.

Fabrics ball up in the washing machine, and go to pieces;

Clothing sizes are teeny-tiny, and bubs outgrow their wardrobe, much too soon.

The first time you dress your bub in an Our Joey creation, will be your ‘AHA’ moment, because every facet just works – from the top-to-tush snap closures, to the generous fit.

Ah! This is how easy it’s meant to be!

Each piece has been dreamed up by a busy mum, juggling change times, on the fly, with two wiggling, giggling babes in hand.

You can expect a snap-happy dressing experience at the change table, while you bond with your precious joey, instead of wrestling with awkward fastenings.


Soft, safe fabrics
When her eldest daughter developed eczema, very early in life, Wendy discovered the importance of choosing pure, natural textiles for her joeys.

Conventionally-grown cotton and synthetic dyes, make for a toxic cocktail, that babes absorb through exceptionally porous skin.

Plastic-based fibres, like nylon and polyester, are a nightmare for eczema sufferers, as they suffocate the skin, generating heat and discomfort.. And not only that, their production releases harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

When you choose Our Joey’s range certified-organic baby essentials, you can have confidence that your baby is wrapped in clean, safe comfort.


Sustainable, Fairtrade production
Resenting the throwaway nature of the fashion industry, Our chief Roo sought to create an ethical, sustainable clothing brand, with an emphasis on slow fashion.

Clothing waste contributes heavily to landfill, and conventional textile production sees some of the most toxic chemicals on earth, pumped into the air, decimating bee populations and human health.

Our Joey works with environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers, and textile growers. We send your parcels, with love, in biodegradable wrapping.

Through Our Joey, Wendy hopes to teach her girls, and others, about the impact of our choices, on our planet, and ourselves.


‘I’m excited to share my creations with you, so that you might experience ease and confidence, in choosing safe, ethical and comfortable pieces for your little ones.
Wendy x’

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