Our Story

I experienced Plantar Fasciitis during my late twenties after a sports injury. As a retail worker, on my feet all day, I struggled to find footwear that weren't ugly orthodic shoes. My slip in orthodics from the chemist would slide around in my work shoes, and I would often forget to change them over each day.

Hence, the idea for Orthosocks was born. A sock that could be washed, worn under most shoes, and offered targeted cushioning to my arch. After months of trial and error, OrthoSocks came to life.

The response to OrthoSocks has been overwhelming. It started with colleagues asking where I'd gotten them, and is now at a point where we sell hundreds of pairs a week. Women are asking where they can buy them locally, and so we have expanded into retail stores in various locations across Australia.
Our customers are predominantly 45-80, work in front line jobs where they are often on their feet all day, and experience foot pain or issues such as Plantar Fasciitis or arthritis.

The key point is that we don't replace a structured orthodic, or professional advice and treatment. What OrthoSocks do, is provide women with an option for those in between times. Where they want to wear regular shoes, without sacrificing comfort.

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