Our Story

Ordinary Who is about fun and embracing the things that make each one of us unique!

We are huge believers in celebrating individuality and that all humans are extraordinary. There is nothing more beautiful than the glow people have when they feel good in their own skin - and we love how it looks with sparkly frames!

All our pieces are carefully made to put a smile on your face and we hope you feel on top of the world with these babies!​

All that without taking yourselves too seriously, of course. Who likes boring anyway?

We are very conscious about how we can help the community and reduce our impact to the planet. Ordinary Who was created with these values at the core of everything we do. Like, for real.​

All our pieces are made in Australia, supporting other local small businesses buddies while also reducing carbon emissions.

Our packaging has never seen plastic before. It was carefully designed to also use the least amount of glue possible to make sure it can be recycled in the normal recycling bin whenever it is no longer in use. Did you know hard card boxes can't be recycled with other paper because it has a lot of glue?

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