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Hi, I’m IREENE a Health Coach and for decades I’ve consulted thousands of people across the globe, about what it really, really takes to live a life of health and wellbeing.

My coaching in particular has been around weight loss and the importance of a high-protein diet for weight management.
70% of the Australian population are considered overweight or obese and the reasons are due to a few factors:

1. People are time-poor, meaning their busy life is a juggling act causing temptations to opt for fast-food quick fixes which lack nutrition and filled with artificial ingredients;


2. People are inconsistent with eating good, clean foods such as high-protein meats, vegetables and salads because they can taste bland and boring on their own.

You see, I want to bring your awareness to the increased amount of sugars, MSG, volume fillers, preservatives and anti-caking agents (aka CRAPOLA!) the big guns are placing in our everyday foods these days which is basically making people fat …and sick!

Did you know, just in the last 50 years alone, as the population has increased, more than 75,000 additional chemicals have been added to our everyday foods?

Crazy isn’t it!

This is to create longevity of shelf-life to cater for the population masses BUT it’s causing more and more weight gain, gut intolerances, allergies & skin conditions… just to name a few!

Big Corporations have stripped out the goodness and quality in foods and have no consideration for the food process… nor the human consumption!

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$200 – $300


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