Our Story

Minnow was founded by two mums Stacey and Lorraine, who had the desire to create products that made a difference in a parent's life and that would help facilitate family outdoor play.

It all began chasing toddlers around beaches and splash parks!
Usually, the sand was super hot with sharp stones or slippery bits and we wanted something to go on their feet that would protect them while they explored. There was a gap in the market for high-quality, beautiful aqua shoes designed with a small developing foot in mind and we decided to fill it. Other reef shoes available were ugly, cheaply made, and not designed to swim in!
We sourced the most protective and cushioning neoprene and made a shoe that has no bits that rub and has a super-thin flexible sole. They are so comfortable parents often tell us they have trouble getting their toddlers to take them off! And the bit parents love most is that they are machine washable!

After the success of our Flex swimmable shoe, we launched the ROAMii water play sandal and shortly after our dry bags. The sandals have two wide straps that are perfect for little hands to put on and take off themselves and they dry bags to keep all your essentials safe on a day out. Whether that's your keys and phone or your hot wheels!

At Minnow we love creating products that make a family day out easier for parents and more fun for kids!

Designed by mums for Aussie Kids in Sydney, Australia.