Our Story

At the heart of our range is a classic ingredient, Lanolin, whose moisturising and healing properties have stood the test of time.

Our passion and knowledge about Lanolin comes from generations of family owning and working Australian sheep and cattle farms, dating back to the 1800s.

As a professional hairdresser myself, I  experienced Lanolin’s wonderful properties when it healed severe dermatitis on my hands.

We were inspired to develop the Lucamar skin care range, which continues to provide my skin with an invaluable protective barrier. I am delighted to now share its healing benefits with you.

We use all natural and organic ingredients in our products, which are tested only on humans. We strive for excellence and purity in their manufacture. So we are not only passionate about our products, we have great confidence in presenting them to you.

The recyclable, Australian-character packaging adds an endearing twist to these wonderful products! So they make a fabulous gift as well as enjoying them as part of your life.
Inspired by vintage tins from the 1900s, were sure you’ll agree they’re too gorgeous to throw away once you’ve finished the product and they make great vintage containers for many other uses.