Our Story

8 years ago, my husband and I decided to try our hand at beekeeping and started our first hives at our weekender down on Phillip Island, here in Victoria.

We fell head over heels with these incredible little creatures and quickly learnt just how much impact they have on our food chain and ecosystem.

This led to a much deeper understanding of the ecosystem, ecology and our effect on it; it was time to take some personal responsibility and make some big changes.

At the same time as getting our bees I was finding work challenging. Working for big corporations, dealing with big egos, arrogance, self-centeredness and working so hard for someone else doing something I didn’t love. I was miserable and something had to change.

Almost 20 years in sales and marketing I decided to do something I loved. I quit my job and with my very supportive husband started thinking about what I should do.

I’ve always dabbled in making my own lotions, potions, cleaning products and herbal remedies, I even have my Certification in Western Herbalism and thought, why not put my powers to good use while helping the environment

Boom! Lil’Bit was born.

People tend to think that being more eco-friendly means they have to go from 0-100 but then it hit me, if everyone made just a 'little bit' of a change, the overall effect would be enormous.

Just by changing a few habits, making different choices and swapping out a few everyday products would have a huge impact,

At LilBit.com.au you’ll find a range of small batch, Australian Made organic home & cleaning products using the best Australian Certified Organic, natural ingredients.

All made by my own hands, from scratch, and packaged in the best sustainable, biodegradable and compostable packaging available in Australia.

Cruelty Free Accredited, Palm oil free and supporting local communities we aim to be the best and most natural and pure cleaning and home products out there.​

But Lil’Bit is so much more than this.