Our Story

We are a premium natural beverage company that provides you with the highest quality loose leaf tea blends. What makes us unique is that everything is hand-blended on the Gold Coast by Jarrad who has studied Naturopathy, Herbalism & Traditional Medicines.

We base our health tea blends on Ancient Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. We believe that by looking to the past, we can help people like you relieve common everyday ailments. Naturally.

We also source freshly roasted coffee beans that are smooth, fragrant and sweet. Our delicious medium roast coffee beans originate from the highlands of Nicaragua known for its earthy tones and chocolatey notes.

Who is King and Queen?

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Jarrad and Esra, we are King and Queen. We are tea enthusiasts who want to share with you all our unique tea blends.

We both love the classic black tea and subtle green tea, however, we decided to take things further. At first, it was merely for our own curiosity, buying herbs and blending small batches.

After studying more in-depth about the power of these ancient herbs, we decided to take it more seriously. Jarrad began to study Naturopathy learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ancient Ayurvedic principles and Herbalism.

As our knowledge grew, so too did our blends, incorporating more exotic ingredients from hard to reach places. We then decided to take our blends to more people and created King and Queen Beverages.

What Makes Us Premium?

Our blends are made up of certified organic ingredients from premium certified suppliers. We work hard to bring you what we believe is some of the best ingredients on the market. We continuously test each ingredient for its taste, aroma, appearance and potency. Through these tests, we can ensure that you get high-grade luxurious blends delivered to you.

We have also run various tests on the packaging and have taken into account environmental factors, shelf-life, freshness to cup and other factors. This is to ensure that what we have spent so much time and effort crafting reaches you exactly how it would if you were apart of the tasting with us.