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About KCUB’D

Inspired by an emerging Urban dancer who at the age of 10 has moved individuals from all walks of life with her steeze, humbleness and drive. Kaea Southon is a symbol of how dreams can become reality when culture, upbringing and self expression through fashion are seamlessly blended together.

Seeing a gap in the market to share this truth point to more than just her creative circle, KCUB’D was born. The idea came about in 2018 while we were in America. We found that we were spending a small but important fortune on socks as it was a way for Kaea to speak her truth and share a part of herself through a simple fashion piece. In our household socks are cool, everyone has their favourite pair and it’s something that we all share a love for. For us it made sense to follow this through and start our own sock brand.

KCUB’D strives to bridge the gap between creatives and everyday people by using fashionable socks as a canvas, a stage, the vehicle and a voice that shares the stories behind some of Australia and New Zealand’s emerging talent.

With each release we will introduce a new creative with a new collection from a different location.

Minimum Order Amount

$200 – $300


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