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About Kashzale Handmade Cosmetic Bags

Hi, Firstly, a massive and hearty hello and thank you for being here.
I started Kashzale Handmade Cosmetic Bags in a period of my life where I thought I was transitioning from one career (Retail Sales Manager) to the next (Education Support).

I have always sewn in some capacity in my life and learnt the skill from my Oma and mum at a very young age.

I have so enjoyed the creative outlet of developing and hand crafting collections of limited edition cosmetic bags that it has now grown to be a full time job that I could not be happier doing.

I live in the small country town of Garfield in Gippsland Victoria and have received an enormous amount of support for my little biz.

I am so grateful to my family, friends and of course you, who have done nothing but encourage me on this journey.

Big love and virtual hugs

Kim x

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