Our Story

Amongst the myths and legends of civilisations gone by, emerges the Ancient Greek tale of Hemera and Nyx.

Nyx, (/nɪks/; Greek: Νύξ, Nyks, "Night"; Latin: Nox) the Greek goddess of the night and one of the primordial gods, or protogenoi, emerged at the dawn of creation, before the Earth, Gaia, was created. A child of Chaos, she is a revered figure of exceptional power and beauty, feared even by the god of gods himself, Zeus.

Born from the union of Nyx and Erebos, the god of darkness, comes Hēmera (/ˈhɛmərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἡμέρα [hɛːméra] "Day"). The goddess of the daytime, she and Nyx are inextricably bound to one another. Legend has it that when Nyx would retreat from the sky, Hēmera would appear and pass over the earth. Their tale has inspired an eclectic mix of sterling silver jewellery inspired by the deities of old, to adorn and empower women all over the earth.

Hēmera & Nyx is a symbolic meeting of the night and the day. Our woman is confident, she is strong, but she is also fluid. She is feminine. She is elegant.

She is not afraid to make bold choices and statements. But she is tempered with maturity and wisdom. She is unique, and she is powerful.