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About Gourmet World Foods

Gourmet World Foods, we are an Australian retailer and exclusive importer of Gourmet food. We have been working within the consumer goods industry in several countries for more than a decade. We are specialised in delicatessen groceries mainly coming from Europe and specially from the Mediterranean countries. Besides, we are also working with Australian artisan brands, making delicious 100% Australia made Gourmet products.

We are passionate and lovers of the popularly known as the Mediterranean diet, which is abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and specially olive oil. However, our aim is to offer exquisite quality foods and that’s why you will find in our store the best gourmet products and brands, not only from Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France or Spain, but also from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria or even beyond Europe, from countries such as Canada. We believe that deliciousness has no borders.

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