Our Story

Welcome to Get Farmed!,

I’m Lynne, the founder behind the Get Farmed! range of products, and I ‘d love to share my story with you.

Before having a family, I was professionally engaged to promote Australian food ingredients to food manufacturers in Asia. This was a role that I relished because as a food scientist, I was communicating an Australian food story that I truly believed. I was proud of Australia’s high quality, pure food products, born out of such a clean, green environment.

So it was only natural when I became a mother that I developed a heightened sensitivity for the need for healthy, natural food. Whilst trying to find the right nutritious foods for my family, I realised that a rapidly increasing proportion of food products and ingredients are being sourced from overseas.

The idea that the nourishing bounty produced by Australian farmers was being by-passed was the tipping point in inspiring me to take action. Hence, Get Farmed! the food brand with a mission was born.

Our mission is simple: Provide healthy, natural foods sourced locally with honesty, integrity and sustainability to support our Australian farmers.

Today we have a growing range of muesli, muesli bars, our Yippeas! super snacks and some more great products on the way very soon.

It hasn’t been an easy road, with a few hurdles along the way. But here we are, 9 years later and I realise I am as passionate as when I first started the Get Farmed! brand.

Our delicious ingredients are hand-selected for their goodness from a dedicated band of Aussie farmers, only the best are chosen from known sources.

I urge you to support not only our great little brand, but all Australian grown produce, so Get Farmed and support Aussie farmers.

Our Get Farmed! Declaration

We declare that each delicious mouthful of our products will impact positively on the future of the Australian farming community. We believe in the need to support our local agricultural sector – for the quality of the food it produces, for the meaningful employment it creates and for food security for future generations of Australians.