Our Story

From Earth evolved as all good things do, through a very organic process. Starting simple from Charlotte’s kitchen, an oil was made to treat her daughter’s Eczema, and through word of mouth, the product took off.  In a short period of time, what was originally an item made from a mother’s love, became our Healing Hemp Oil, and the brand was born.

Today we have over 100 natural products handmade in Victoria using only organic ingredients. Our source of inspiration is always the earth, and natural remedies, derived from roots, herbs, flowers and trees. Our signature scent of lavender, orange blossom and lemon puts everyone in a happy place; a scent that brings you back to all the good things in life. …. The garden, fruit trees in abundance, and fresh air.

Our Ethos
We are Clean.
We are Sustainable.
We support Community (near and far).