Our Story

Don’t be fooled by the pretty things I make, it’s a cover for encouraging women to live their best lives.

I create for aesthetes who love beauty in all its weird and wonderful forms.

I make things of loveliness for radiant, free spirits who love expressing their femininity, values and style through the way they live and dress.

Women who cry in movies when the girl gets the guy and the minor chord of a song triggers a longing you can’t explain are my favourite kinds. I’ll come running with the tissues(and chocolate, or whatever you fancy).

Often found devouring books, aeons can pass without me needing much from the ‘outside world’ and life commonly involves me squirrelling away wisdom-rich quotes to use in life and in business.

I’m a reflective, optimistic dreamer who loves getting lost in music and I’m known to belt out a tone-perfect operatic sing with a pretend microphone when I’m alone in the house.