Our Story

Providing you and your pipes with the better alternative toilet paper.
Our bamboo toilet paper is good for the environment, good for your plumbing pipes, and good for our future.
FlusheD ECO is an Australian owned and run family business founded on the philosophy that we can give everyday people the opportunity to make a difference to our environment and our future by purchasing the simplest everyday product – tree free toilet paper.

A Plumber with a mission.
With a background in Plumbing and over 15 years experience Cameron and Renee’s mission is to combine their knowledge and experience from the plumbing industry to educate and offer all of our clients a safer and more eco friendly toilet paper option for their businesses and homes.

It’s not only your sewer pipes on our mind; we are focused on the bigger picture. A world where our oceans are clean, our marine life is safe, and we can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

We are on a mission to help save our oceans, one roll at a time through. We will do this through raising awareness through the community, and actively supporting charities and organisations who are dedicated to cleaning up our oceans. This saves our marine life and creates a better environment for current and future generations.

Proceeds from purchases of FlusheD ECO Bamboo toilet paper, help to clean up Australian oceans and waterways.
We are passionate about cleaning our oceans and that’s why we knew the Seabin Project was the right organisation for us to support.
We really are cleaning up our oceans one roll at a time by sponsoring our own Seabin.


5-7 Hepher Road, Campbelltown NSW, Australia