Our Story

Hi there!

I'm Fern, the founder of Flavour Pop.

Flavour Pop was borne of necessity and my love of good food!

When I was in my late 20s I developed a particularly nasty rash, head to toe, that took weeks to diagnose. A biopsy finally showed it was Pomphlyx - a blistering eczema with no cure that threw my immune system into disarray.

I was told I’d just have to “try live with it”. I did that until I was in my mid 30s when I started to connect that what I ate influenced how badly my skin would blister.

I started my own research, sought advice from health professionals and came to realise the power of natural whole foods was a key to healing my weakened immune system. Through this, I now know that we can do more than just "try to live with it".

At the time, I was still working a fast-paced corporate job that didn't allow me the time to eat well. So I ended up trying very restricted gut healing diets as an attempt to fix my weakened immune system.

I was mostly limited to cabbage and chicken which I found pretty damn hard, because I really enjoy food! So, I created Flavour Pop as a way to bring back flavour into my restricted diet with delicious spices and herbs that can heal my gut and support my wellbeing.

I also wanted to find a way to use healing herbs - turmeric, fennel and ginger for example in everyday meals rather than as special ingredients, or just when you’re trying to be healthy.

No surprises that Flavour Pop's first product, formulated with the help of Sam our Nutritionist and Naturopath, aims to help reduce inflammation and boost immunity. I love using it on 🥑avocado on toast, but I have friends who love it on 🍟 hot chips!

With Flavour Pop you can care for your health and still enjoy delicious flavours!