Our Story

Five Seed Spread is the first of its kind in Australia - A multi-seed spread that is allergen friendly. After 16 years experience working as a chef around Australia, Anthony fell into a role with a local child care centre.

He found it peculiar that any style of nut butter alternative was permitted to be used for the kid's meals, considering that it is common for many child care centres, schools and even workplaces to have restrictions in place for allergy reasons.

Did you know that an average of 1 in every 100 people have an allergy to nuts, making it the most widespread allergy in Australia? That's just crazy!

Over the past several months Anthony has been creating a recipe that is comparable to the traditional peanut butter taste many people love, and now brings Five Seed Spread to the market so people with allergies or environments that have a “Zero Nut” policy can finally introduce a safe nut butter alternative.